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All assignments are ON DEMAND/fractional in nature so the cost is less than that of a junior employee. Of course, all expertise and focus can be provided remotely. AND, You determine what you need.

It is vital to bring pragmatic solutions to the table. By intuitively combining an extensive knowledge of financial management, financial planning, financial analysis and tax YOUR ON DEMAND CFO creates and implements those solutions. My passion and focus is on the future of the business: ensuring it survives and makes more money, consistently.



All fees are on a monthly fee basis. The important factor is the monthly fee is the same no matter how many times we contact each other in the month. We determine what services you want and set an agreeable fee for the year.

Management wants to identify opportunities and eliminate inefficiencies without being concerned that costs are going to skyrocket and breach budgets

FYI I do not process any transactions. I do not prepare financial statements. I use financial information
for analysis to help businesses proactively plan for the future

I am a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA). A rapid learner, a good communicator and careful listener